Have you ever fallen down, gotten tackled too hard during football or bitten down on something too hard? Dental injuries can be painful and unpleasant, but the right type of dental injury treatment for an injury makes a huge difference. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, it is possible to fix just about any dental injury you suffer from. The team of specialists at Lovett Dental Piney Point Village can handle everything from tiny chips to the loss of multiple teeth. Being informed about potential emergency dental treatments will help you stay healthy and keep smiling.

The Importance of Prompt Dental Injury Treatment

man in pain and in need of Dental Injury TreatmentAny time you have an injury, you should give Lovett Dental Piney Point Village a call instead of ignoring the problem. You might want to skip a dental visit if you are not in extreme pain, but the reality is that almost all dental issues get worse without proper care. The most common types of dental injuries are tooth fractures, knocked out teeth and loosened teeth, and all of these can cause major problems if left untreated. Seeking care at a dental injury treatment center as soon as possible is especially important for knocked-out teeth because your dentist may only have a few hours to save the tooth. Trying to ignore a tooth injury can lead to losing your tooth or developing an infection that can end up damaging surrounding teeth, gum tissue and the jaw bone.

Dental Injury Treatments for Minor Injuries

If your tooth is just slightly chipped or cracked, your dentist can repair the tooth to improve its appearance and structural integrity without having to do any serious dental procedures. For some types of cracks or chips, all you need is a small tooth filling or tooth bonding. Your dentist will remove the damaged area and apply a composite resin colored to match your tooth so the fix is barely noticeable. In the case of larger chips or cracks, you may need something that protects the entire surface of the tooth. A dental veneer is a thin shell that attaches to the front of the tooth, so it can be helpful for chipped front teeth. A dental crown is a cap that slides over the entire damaged tooth, providing plenty of protection.

Dental Injury Treatments for Major Injuries

Bigger injuries that involve missing or severely chipped teeth are still extremely treatable. For injuries that damage the root of the tooth, your dental injury treatment center may recommend a root canal. If your knocked-out tooth is in such a way that the root is not damaged, it may be possible for a dentist to reinsert the tooth and stabilize it until it can heal in place. For options where only a few teeth are missing, your dentist may recommend a dental bridge. This is a type of tooth prosthetic that we attach to the healthy teeth on either side to let you chew, speak and smile normally. We can also treat missing teeth with a dental implant. This is a surgical procedure that mounts a post into the jawbone, lets the jawbone attach to the post, and then affixes a tooth prosthetic onto the post.

With our ability to treat all sorts of dental injuries, Lovett Dental Piney Point Village is an excellent choice after any accident that damages your teeth. Handling dental emergencies is not the only thing we do. We are also happy to provide many routine and cosmetic dental services as well as:

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