Dental exams provide you and a dentist the most frequent and useful review of both your teeth and the gums that protect their roots. The normal dental exam schedule at Lovett Dental Piney Point is every six months. However, where a person has increased gum problems or cavities, that schedule can be reduced to every three months to identify dental cleaning needs as well as additional help if needed.

No surprise, a dental exam is an essential preventative check in general dentistry, in keeping up with oral health and avoiding far more serious problems that result in tooth loss if ignored. A dental exam also provides the added benefit of possibly identifying signs of other hidden health issues as well.

Key Factors Dentists Look For in an Exam

The first two items a dentist will look for in a dental exam involve evidence of gum disease or tooth decay. Both can produce the loss of teeth and other serious health problems as well. With an exam, the issues can be spotted and dealt with early. The progression of gum disease can otherwise lead to periodontitis if left untreated. That causes gum retraction, infections, and ultimately the tooth root becomes exposed and damaged.

The Exam Procedure

dentist explaining the importance of a dental examSome folks have anxiety about visiting the dentist, but most visits are mundane and very easy to handle. The dental examination typically starts with a review of each tooth, the depth of the gum involved, and notating the status. Then the patient goes through a series of X-rays to document the bone structure and the placement of each tooth in the jaw bone. As the patient, there’s not much that occurs in terms of involvement except for sitting in the dental chair, opening your mouth as needed, and cooperating calmly through the procedures. Questions are always welcome at Lovett Dental Piney Point.

Once the dental exam review part of the visit is completed, then the dentist and assistants will apply a thorough dental cleaning. This starts with a comprehensive removal of all hard plaque that can be seen and accessed. This part is likely the longest part of the exam as the dental team has to go through each tooth individually to complete the process.

Once the hard plaque is removed and washed out with a rinse, then comes a full floss. Modern dental offices might also provide a protective sealant to the patient’s teeth that last for a bit after the exam. This is applied like a polish with a motorized brush. The excess is then rinsed out. Then, the visit is complete, and the patient is scheduled for the next routine dental exam in three to six months.

To finalize the visit, the dentist team will go over the results of the exam to point out what the patient can do to improve dental care between exams as well, including regular brushing and flossing, as well as avoiding excess sugars when eating.

While the patient is going through the cleaning, the dentist is oftentimes reviewing the X-rays. Unlike the physical exam per tooth, the X-rays show what’s going on below the gum line as well as within the teeth. Because bone shows up clearly on X-rays, cavities and absences will also be visible. No surprise, the X-ray review can spot other issues that are not apparent by sight and probing.

Patient Involvement Is Also Expected

There is plenty you can do before a dental exam to help out:

  • First, don’t wait until the day before your visit to get started.
  • Brush every day in the morning and evening to remove food grit that can contribute to bacteria and plaque development.
  • Use a fluoride-based toothpaste as well, which strengthens your teeth.
  • Floss daily to remove food bits stuck between the teeth where the brush can’t reach.
  • Don’t keep your brush for long-term, however; replace it every few months as well, at least by every exam at the latest.
  • Finally, eat a good diet with calcium, avoid sugar where possible, and don’t smoke.

Cover the basics, and you’re going to end up with better exam results as well as enjoy improved dental health overall.

Lovett Dental Piney Point in Texas offers a multidisciplinary dental service for patients, including access to child dentistry with pediatric care as well as orthodontic care. Lovett Dental Piney Point has the capability to handle maxillofacial surgical needs as well as endodontistry and periodontal cases. Because of the varied specialties included, Lovett Dental Piney Point can easily be a one-stop service for most patient dental needs.

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